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         Pioneer Lift & Crane Co., Ltd. was established in 1997, with a capital of 50 million baht.  Pioneer Lift & Crane Co., Ltd.
         is one of the top-class companies providing elevators and escalators in Thailand, along with good administration
         and qualified personnel filled with experience and knowledge for customer's highest profits.

         The company delivers "The high Quality and most Customers' Satisfaction".  Pioneer Lift & Crane Co., Ltd. supplies,
         installs and provides 24-hour service and maintenance for over than thousand units already in Thailand and neighbor country. 
      • Home elevators
      • Car / Mobile elevators
      • Passenger elevators
      • Fireman elevators
      • Freight elevators
      • Hospital / Bed elevators
      • Observation elevators
      • Dumbwaiter elevators
      • Handicap elevators
      • Escalators
      • Chairlifts
      • Conveyor / Moving walks
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