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       Elevator & Escalator 


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          Pioneer Lift & Crane Co., Ltd. meets highest international standards to quality of design, manufacture, 
          installation, services and management.  The company has been awarded the ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 
          Certification.  The company also meet European Standards - EN 81. 

          Pioneer Lift & Crane Co., Ltd. are reaching to have larger market share for the elevator and escalator
          business in Thailand with the PIONEER ELEVATOR brand.


                                              Best Product Seller are : 
      • Home elevators
      • Car / Mobile elevators
      • Passenger elevators
      • Fireman elevators
      • Freight elevators
      • Hospital / Bed elevators
      • Observation elevators
      • Dumbwaiter elevators 
      • Handicap elevators
      • Escalators
      • Chairlifts
      • Conveyor / Moving walks
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